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Domestic abuse also referred to as Domestic Violence in any form—physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, or spiritual—is an assault upon the image of God in a fellow human being and is therefore an assault upon God Himself. When it is between a husband and a wife, it further violates the one-flesh covenantal relationship that God established. Under no circumstance is abuse ever justified. Neither is it ever the fault of the victim. Domestic abuse severely damages the relationship and often destroys the relationship beyond repair.

An act of abuse is never an act of Christian love.

Christ’s self-giving love encourages flourishing, while domestic abuse seeks to stifle the victim’s autonomy through dominance, replacing love with fear.

In cases of domestic abuse, The Shepherd’s Church will seek first to care for and protect the victim(s).  We will discipline the perpetrator and, if appropriate and desirable to the victim(s), seek to reconcile the marriage/relationship.  We also will notify law enforcement when necessary for the protection of the victim(s) and when required by law, as in the case of domestic violence involving a minor, elderly persons, or disabled persons.

Please take time to review The Shepherd’s Church Domestic Violence Policy by clicking the button below.

how to get help

To request assistance through the church, contact Care Ministry at 919-233-9100, email, or call the church Security Team at 919-573-1578. 


If you are in immediate danger or need urgent help that cannot wait, please contact one of these resources who can readily assist you.

Vulnerable persons policy

Vulnerable persons include children, the disabled, and senior adults. The Shepherd’s Church is committed to the safety of these individuals, and any allegation or suspicion of abuse, neglect, or exploitation is taken seriously and reported in compliance with North Carolina law.

The Shepherd’s Church Reports All Suspected Abuse and Neglect of Children.

North Carolina law requires that any person who has cause to believe that a child has been abused or neglected must immediately make a report to law enforcement or Child Protective Services (“CPS”) (Wake County 919-212-7963).  All adults in the state of North Carolina are mandatory reporters.  

Review Policy

Please take time to review The Shepherd’s Church Vulnerable Persons Policy which is an addendum to the Domestic Abuse Policy (pages 6-8).

The Shepherd’s Church Reports All suspected Abuse and Neglect of Disabled or Elder Adults.

North Carolina law requires that any person who has cause to believe that a disabled or elder adult has been abused or neglected must report such information to the Director of the Wake County Health and Human Services Department (“WCHHS”) (919-212-7264). All adults in the state of North Carolina are mandatory reporters.

Because many adults are unfamiliar with North Carolina mandatory reporting requirements and may be fearful of the process, The Shepherd’s Church utilizes a “tandem or dual report” model for reports of suspected abuse or neglect, where permitted. In this process, a supervisor of The Shepherd’s Church will report the suspicion or allegation together with the individual who saw, heard, or received information causing him or her to suspect abuse or neglect.