“Be Distinct,” Quest Men’s Bible Study  | March 10, 2021  |  Genesis 37:1-17

KEY TRUTH: You can live for Christ, despite the obstacles of your past.


  • Join us at 7:00 am in the Parlor at The Shepherd’s Church. (Come a little early for coffee and a light breakfast.)
  • Do you have a health risk related to COVID-19? You can participate via Zoom using THIS LINK.
  • Immediately following the large group, we break into discussion / prayer groups. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.

Outline and Discussion Questions:


  • QUESTION: Based on what you know about Joseph and his life, what are some ways that he serves as a picture of Jesus?

Joseph overcame the difficulties of being his father’s favorite son. (Genesis 37:1-3)

  • QUESTION: What are some potential pitfalls when parents favor one child over another?

  • QUESTION: When have you felt like you were the favorite, or when have you felt like someone else was favored over you? (This might be in the home, workplace, or another setting.) How did that influence the way you acted, either good or bad?

Joseph overcame the difficulties of being hated by his brothers. (Genesis 37:4-17)

  • QUESTION: Why are hatred and envy such powerful emotions? What are some examples of destructive situations you’ve seen or experienced that were fueled by hatred or envy?

  • QUESTION: How might being hated by people influence your walk with God?


  • QUESTION: Read Psalm 37-3-7. What advice is there in this passage for a man who struggles with hatred or envy?

  • QUESTION: What in your background or upbringing has God given you grace to overcome?