Whether your marriage is new, or you’ve been married awhile, it needs your investment. Healthy marriages don’t happen by accident. We desire to help people in a healthy marriage go further and deeper in their relationships with God and each other. When a marriage is strained, we want to help restore it to a place health, intimacy, love, and trust.

Resources to Strengthen and Support
Your Marriage

We’re committed to helping couples begin, build and restore their marriage and home life. That is only accomplished as couples based their marriage on the timeless truths and principles of Jesus Christ. We offer various classes, mentoring opportunities, and resources to help you invest in your marriage.


The start of your new life together.

Getting Married at The Shepherd's Church


We are excited for you and thankful that the Lord has brought you together. If you’re a member or regular attender of The Shepherd’s Church, we want to assist and serve you through the wedding process. If you’ve already asked one of our pastors to officiate your wedding, he will give you information on premarital counseling. If your wedding will take place on our campus, please contact our Event Coordinator. We have an information packet she can provide to help with your planning.

Classes and Groups

Classes and groups to strengthen and restore your marriage.

The Wholehearted Marriage Class | Sundays, Starting September 10, 5:00 pm

Location: FC201
Leadership: Eddie & Betsy Watkins, Steve & Casey Quinton; and Chris & Lori Carter


With your busy lifestyle, do you recognize the important role your heart plays in life and in your marriage? You need to pay attention to your heart, understand it, value it, take care of it, and use it. Wholeheartedly engage your marriage. You are worth it. Your spouse is worth it. Your marriage deserves it.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a good marriage or restore a troubled one, this class will equip you with the concepts and tools to experience the abundant life and marriage that God desires.


  • 8 Weeks (Next class begins September 10, 2023)
  • Sundays at 5:00pm / Room FC201
  • No cost, but registration is required.

The Wholehearted Marriage Groups | Sundays, 5:00 pm

At the conclusion of the Wholehearted Marriage class, we invite participants to take part in a one semester small group. Groups meet on Sunday evening (during AWANA) and are led by the class leadership. Joining a small group gives you an opportunity for accountability, more personal interaction and application of the principles to your life and marriage.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is designed for couples who are preparing for marriage, couples who are married and want to maximize their marriage or couples who are going through a difficult season and desire to strengthen, restore and repair their marriage.

We pair couples with a trained marriage mentor couple. There may also be an opportunity for one-on-one meetings between the two husbands or the two wives. 

Please contact the Care Ministry office at 919-233-9100 or email Melissa at if you and your spouse are interested in connecting with a marriage mentor couple.

Form a Small Group

We have resources you can use to launch a marriage small group in your home. The commitment varies, but the average is six weeks. To begin a group, contact Jimmy Carter for resources. We have different studies available. Then, gather 1-5 couples to join you. (Start with your friends and neighbors.) We recommend you limit your small group to 6 couples.


Resources you can use to enhance your marriage and family life.

Print and Digital Resources

Here are some resources we recommend on the topic of marriage.

Right Now Media

The Shepherd’s Church family has access to the collection of resources provided by Right Now Media. After you have created your account, here are some resources related to marriage.



What Others Are Saying

Testimonials from previous participants.

“We loved the class we took, and our marriage benefited greatly from it. The leaders are all so down-to-earth, personal, and fun. They make the hard topics comfortable to talk about. We learned very practical ways to communicate more effectively in our marriage, and ways to put each other and our marriage FIRST, especially with 3 young children running around.”

John and Crystal

“The class provided clarity in areas of our marriage that needed refinement. It encouraged us to set aside time each week to meet and discuss our relationship. That was so helpful. We gained beautiful friendships and memories in the class. “