These growth groups are short-term, content-driven courses designed to help you grow in a particular area of interest or need. Our vision for Foundation Seminars is to help adults acquire a comprehensive Christian education resulting in spiritual growth and service to God and others. 

CONNECT    •    GROW    •    BELONG

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Faith!

These seminars help us comprehend the subtle intricacies and overarching truths of our God and the theology, ministry and history He has authored. Foundation Seminars are styled as lectures and discussion, with occasional reading assignments outside of class. Most classes require registration. See below for more details.


Growing in the Christian Faith

Growing in Grace | 11:00 am

NEW CLASS! Starts Sunday, January 14–April 28, 2024
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Location: FC201
Leader: Andy Burggraff

It is critical in today’s culture that believers resemble true followers of Christ in both words and deeds. Growing in Grace is a 15-week discipleship class that helps believers know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to defend it in a secular society.  Whether you are a new believer or have been saved for many years, this class will strengthen your knowledge and application of Scripture as you serve Jesus Christ.

We will address topics like:

      • How to know that you are truly saved and have eternal life.
      • How to have victory over the sins that you are facing.
      • How to study the Bible to mine its deep truths for your life.
      • How to have an effective prayer life.
      • How to share your faith with others who are lost.
    • About the Class Leader: Dr. Burggraff has decades of experience in the area of discipleship and serves as the Assistant Professor of Christian Education at Shepherds Seminary. He has served in various pastoral and educational capacities for the last 15 years and wrote his Doctor of Education dissertation on the topic of discipleship in the early church. 
Christianity Explored | 11:00 am

Sunday, March 10-April 28, 2024

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Location: FC209
Leader: Mobilization Team

Do you desire to use the time God has given you to make an impact for eternity? Christianity Explored will help you be better prepared to love, live, and tell the glorious Good News of the Gospel. You will be equipped to share your faith…by opening up the Bible! And when people read God’s Word, His voice is heard, and lives are changed forever!


Foundations of the Faith | 11:00 am

Location: FC207 – Ongoing class you can join anytime.
Leader: Ron Scarborough

Foundations of The Faith is a six-week topical study for new Christians who want to understand the core beliefs of the Christian faith and learn how Christians strengthen their faith. This class will also help those who are curious about Christianity and want to know what Christians believe.

You’ll examine topics such as:

  • What is eternal life?
  • Can I know for certain that God has saved me?
  • Is the Bible really true, and must I obey it?
  • How can I grow in my faith and become more like Jesus?
Shepherds Route 66 | Mon-Fri, 6:00-7:45 am

New Session Begins January 2024

Location: STS
Time: 6-7:45 am
Cost: $300 per semester
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Shepherds Seminary in conjunction with The Shepherd’s Church offers Route 66, a verse-by-verse study of the Bible in one academic year. This in-depth overview of all 66 books will be available to all Shepherds Seminary students, The Shepherd’s Church family, surrounding churches, and students at area colleges, and universities.

Route 66 meets September through April, following the school calendar. No classes will be held over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks. Route 66 will be offered online for those who are unable to attend classes on campus. Cost for this 240-hour program of instruction will be $300 per semester.