Solomon’s Porch is a forum for the discussion of relevant historical, cultural, political, and theological issues impacting men, especially as men function in their daily lives, while also providing a means for the development of relationships and accountability within a context of truth.


7:00 pm | The Lodge

(2nd Floor Children’s Center)

Solomon’s Porch meets seasonally on Thursday evenings (September-April), where we join for life-on-life community, hear a thought-provoking message, engage in vibrant discussions and pursue personal and spiritual growth together as men. Our mission is to enable and support men in the quest to renew their minds, restore their families, reform their churches and revitalize their culture.

Throughout the Year

Part of our mission with this ministry is to reach men outside of the church for Christ. Throughout the year, we plan various invitational events where men can gather in a more social setting to build relationships and open new opportunities for gospel impact.

Historical Significance

“. . . and they were 

all together in 

Solomon’s Portico.”

           –Acts 5:12b

Solomon’s Porch (also referred to as portico or colonnade) was a grand covered walkway with massive columns that was named for King Solomon, who built the First Temple of the Jews, a magnificent holy structure in ancient Jerusalem. This covered area became a significant gathering place for intellectual discourse and debate. It was also a place where Jesus taught, shared and visited with people (John 10) and where His disciples continued Jesus’ ministry (Acts 3, 5).


Al Potter

Al Potter

Lead Teacher

Karen Shinn

Karen Shinn

Administrative Assistant