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Carpenters for Christ is a group of men and women who serve locally, regionally, and globally while using their skills to build, renovate, and give aid to various ministries and churches. Our team is involved with ongoing, regular projects locally and regionally, and occasionally have schedule trips throughout the state, country, and overseas.


Our Carpenters for Christ help with a variety of projects on our church campus as the need arises. Some of these include:

  • Church facilities projects—ie., installing Christmas lights, adding new signage, etc.
  • Maintenance of the church—ie., replacing old carpet and lights.
  • Care Ministry projects—ie., serving the the Acts 6 Widows and more.


Our Carpenters for Christ are committed to helping to expand gospel impact around the globe through:

  • Support of our church plants/revitalizations
  • Support of 501(c3) Ministries
  • Supporting Shepherd’s Church partners


Our Carpenters for Christ Disaster Rebuild Team ministers relief aid ongoing to those who have suffered loss after a natural disaster. We use God-given opportunities to advance shalom, God’s peace, in our world. which gives us opportunity to deliver the message of true and lasting peace to troubled people—peace that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Partnership with North Carolina Baptist Men helping communities return to their homes, churches and businesses after a disaster.


Our Carpenters for Christ Disaster Relief Team ministers relief aid to those who have suffered loss immediately after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado. 

  • Partnership with North Carolina Baptist Men who deploy teams to assist within 48 hours of disaster.

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Interested in joining our Carpenters for Christ team?  Fill out the forms below to get started! Or email Andy Bryan Director of Carpenters for Christ.

Impact Trips in 2024

  • Busia, Uganda
  • Toxaway, NC
  • Bryan, TX
  • Fayetteville, NC