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Based on the Deacon Ministry established by the first century church (Acts 6:1-7), the ministry of The Shepherd’s Church Deacons is to glorify God by serving His body, helping to create community by lovingly and compassionately caring for the people that He has entrusted to our church, and providing practical services to our church and its people.


Deacons have the honor of modeling, for the local church and the lost world, God’s compassion, kindness, mercy and love. As the church compassionately cares for people’s needs, members and attendees will grow in their commitment to each other thereby developing a sense of community and the world will see a visible display of Christ’s love, drawing some people to the Savior. Deacons are to be an example of commitment, unity and harmony in their service.

In addition to Communion and contribution counting responsibilities, Deacons serve in one of three areas:

Community Building

Community Building Deacons assure that care is extended to families and individuals. Deacons work with ABFs and existing ministry groups to encourage and actively participate in caregiving. 


Deacons work with Care Ministry to provide encouragement and comfort while visiting people who are ill, hospitalized, homebound, or in prison, as well as caring for families experiencing bereavement.


Deacons serve the church body by participating in service projects to assist the needs of widows, elderly and others within the body who do not have appropriate resources or abilities to do so themselves.  In conjunction with Care Ministry pastors, selected Deacons are chosen to serve on the Benevolence Fund Committee. This committee administers the Benevolence Fund to meet people’s basic needs. Ministry leaders who become aware of financial needs are asked to complete a Benevolence Fund Request and submit it to the Care Ministry office.