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In December 2020, our church membership voted overwhelmingly to rename our church from Colonial Baptist Church to The Shepherd’s Church. We wanted to be aligned with biblical doctrine rather than a denomination, and clearly state that we follow the Chief Shepherd of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ.  While our name has changed, our vision and commitment to share the gospel of Christ has not.  Check out Pastor Davey’s news release below that shares our desire to continue the legacy that has been built at our church for over three decades.



Why Change the Name After 34 Years?

A church name definitely communicates a sense of identity to the world, and even before COVID hit, our Elders had been discussing the possibility of the name change. Then, after a year like 2020, with all of the unrest, uncertainty, and confusion, our Elders felt the need, now more than ever, to clarify and focus our church on what matters most, and that’s identifying with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Great Shepherd.  

Will The Doctrinal Statement Change?

No, there are no changes to our doctrine or practice. We remain committed to the Doctrinal Statement that our church body ratified on April 24, 2016. While our name has changed, our vision and message remains the same.

Will the Name Change Affect Any of the Ministries?

A few of our ministries had to change their names as a result of the church name change, including our Children’s, Students, College, Weekday Preschool and Sports Ministry.  You can find out more about those ministries under “Connect” in our menu.  

Are You No Longer a Baptist Church?

Our church has never formally been a part of a Baptist denomination, association or convention. We’ve always operated as an independent, non-denominational Bible-believing church.  “Colonial” was chosen by Pastor Davey years ago, when he planted the church, in deference to a Williamsburg architectural style of building design.  “Baptist” was added in order to communicate a commitment to baptism by immersion, which will remain as a distinctive practice at The Shepherd’s Church.